Thursday, November 24, 2005

Welcome to The Hatriolic!

Hello. Welcome to The Hatriolic!

Here you will find postings on the shenanigans of the the hateful. While I myself am not a hater, I will post items to expose and hold accountable those who have ditched God, Country, and Family for idiocy. I have found that the so called "Progressive Thinkers" who think they are the most tolerant and loving end up being the most hatreous people in the end - especially if you disagree with them. I merely want to publish their “stuff”. That’s all. The humor will be self evident.

Hatriolic, Hatreous; hate-tree-hall-lick, hate-tree-ous (more at hateful, vitriolic, licking, and tree hater) - phrase coined by Michael Smirconish (heard daily on Infinity Broadcasting’s Big Talker 1210 AM – WPHT Philadelphia PA). You’ll have to ask him how the word came up at I stole it. While I plan no hate on my part, I anticipate my blog entries and news postings to create “weeping and gnashing of teeth”. Thus, I will be labeled as being “Hatreous”…

So as not to infringe on Michaels invention (who is a pro at being hatreous, and even has possible endorsement contracts pending for it), I am giving him his just due… ;-)

Come on, you get it! Right?

Nuff said.