Saturday, November 26, 2005

Season's Beatings

Merry X-Box! Its already started. The Hatriolic woke up to stories this morning of rampant buttrixing.

These peoples momma’s must have given them their glass of USDA approved Hate-O-rade for breakfast.

In Florida, a 72 year old woman was trampled, in Michigan a 13 year old girl and a 37 year old lady got hauled off in the meat truck. People were poking, pushing, slapping, and cussing. Keep reading - all the news is full of stories of this "X-Mas Spirit". Shopping at Wally World was so dangerous you could’ve gotten your eye poked out.

All for Black Friday early morning sales.

This is what happens when we remove Christ from Christmas. I know, Christmas isn’t a Bible ordained holiday. So we’re not bound by anything other than tradition.

But think about this – if our society removes Christ and God from our schools, courts, and tradition, what do we frame our values on? Are there any absolutes? Do normal people trample each other for low cost mp3 players?

People will be people, but this is ridiculous.

To add to this buttrixing, others are paying over $10,000 for X-Box’s on E-Bay. Just do a search. Not sure if these are hoax’s, but with all the insanity, I’m prone to believe some people who have more $ than ¢ really bought these…


-Yours Hatreous