Monday, November 28, 2005

T.O. ...and NFL Players Association both Poor Sports

Okay, so its old news from last week, but the Hatriolic was lying awake last night, counting hairs (I’m going bald…), and it hit me. T.O. lost his case against the Philadelphia Eagles during arbitration last week. A comment was made by the Players Association, and no one seems to have caught this.

(from AP News)

Arbitrator Richard Bloch wrote in his 38-page decision that there was "no violation of the labor agreement inherent in the club's decision to pay Mr. Owens, but not to permit him to play or practice due to the nature of his conduct and its destructive and continuing threat to the team." After the ruling, the Eagles released a one-paragraph statement thanking Bloch for considering the matter and saying Philadelphia is looking forward to "moving on with our preparations for Sunday's game vs. Green Bay and the rest of the 2005 season and will have no further comment on this issue."

The players association was so incensed, however, that executive director Gene Upshaw said he would have Bloch removed from the list of approved arbitrators next month when both the union and management are given that option. "He piled on," Upshaw said. "He went beyond what we have in the agreement. When I have an arbitrator go beyond the agreement, I have no choice. Clearly, when you look at this case, is decision even went beyond what the Eagles said in their legal briefs."

Now, what exactly is an arbitrator for? They are to be a neutral party to a given issue. Bloch did his job. Both sides had their chance. Their day in “court”. For the Players Association to react the way they did shows poor sportsmanship – just like T.O. did. Is Upshaw saying that Bloch should’ve had an agenda going in to this? That’s NOT arbitration, that’s a setup.

Good luck Mr. Upshaw in finding another associate to arbitrate the next NFL conflict. All the fair, good men will most likely NOT volunteer for fear that if they do their job the right way, you will fire them too.

But that’s okay. I’m sure you have some weak minded lackeys waiting in the wings.