Tuesday, December 06, 2005


My sentiments exactly...
Okay, your hateful friend stole an idea from... we'll just say his name rhymes with el-Rushbo...
The idea is – let’s avoid all this aggravation - drop what were doing and just give poor old Saddam his title and country back. As a matter of fact, let’s not just let him loose; let’s set him up for success. After all, he didn’t do anything to us. I mean, come on, maybe he had some bad guys training in terrorist camps, but there was never any evidence that Uncle Sadd had any connection with 9/11. And his potential weapons of mass destruction, well they really didn’t exist. Now we know that. The whole thing was done just because baby Bushka was mad at ol Huss for beating daddy. This was a vendetta all along! So now, we put him back in power, give him his own Secret Service replete with armored SUV’s and even a plane – call it HAIRFORCE ONE (for Hussein Air Force). We can have Mumia be his Defense Minister.

We can also give him some repatriation money and reinstate the Oil for Food Program.

We can host a whole bunch of Iraqi Royal Guard dependants here in the U.S. in our best colleges – heck the Professors will embrace them with open arms. What a great exchange student year we will have!

Don’t forget Welfare Checks and …WIK. Gotta give those baby al-Qaeda'ites their milk and cheese. Don't want them to spread themselves too thin on the next suicide bombing.

Come on America – sing it! "Lets get together and feeeel allll right!"

Free Saddam! Free Mumia! Freeda!
Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeedommmm!!! (Mel Gibson, last scene in Braveheart).
I'm outacontrol.