Monday, December 12, 2005

While he’s dancing with her, his mind is on… him…

Boo hoo. Brokeback Mountain is a movie about a couple of early 60’s metrosexual cowboys who go, well, never mind. When they get back to civilization the drama becomes tenuous as the gay luvers root around with the wemyns and just can't get that Old Spice® off their minds... (ooo-ooh that smell…the smella dat’s around you… Lynyrd Skynyrd ;-) What’s even more sickening is the fact that this movie was the top grossing (and grotesque’ing) movie of the week. Come on America. Why did y’all go see this movie? Did’ja just have to look? And once you’ve ‘seen it, its too late. You already done seen da man luv. And they just had to be herding sheep. SHEEP people!

Like Bugs Bunny said, “it is to vomit”.

This is obviously the forbearer of things to come. Homosexuality has finally arrived full bore and in your face. Here’s what the so called progressive thinkers are saying on their blogs:

Homophobes, before you post Jesus asks: have you helped the poor today?

The Movie's About Love!

Is sexual preference the same thing as sexual orientation?

Which are You Like: Ennis or Jack??

Gag. Are we so stupid to treat a subject such as this so tritely?

Yes. Just look at all the accolades. The hollywood’ites are falling all over themselves about this groundbreaking movie. From the same idiots who want Tookie the man slayer to be spared, cause he so good now…

John Wayne would roll over in his grave if he knew what hollywood was doing now. I also think they staged this in 1963 to make it look like homosexuality was rampant and out of control. I don't believe that. But the more they rewrite history the better for them.

I have to go now; I'm still hung up on whether I'm more like Ennis or Jack.


~ the hateful ‘olic