Monday, December 19, 2005

The real "Person of the Year"

Gag! What does one have to do to get on that ded-gum magazine cover? It’s obvious – be a Rock Star or Gazillionaire! Fight or donate lots of moola for all sorts of sundry diseases and plights. Commendable!

But while we embrace this famous trio, sending them "e-props" ;-) lets ask - what about the people who worked tirelessly day in and day out with poor and destitute people around the globe - you know, missionaries and volunteers who actually walked in the trenches to help the self same people who were the benefactors of these POTY's money and publicity? What about the those who ministered to dying patients in these sponsored hospitals? To the families, especially their children who are orphaned due to disease or war? What about the volunteers who have tirelessly offered help to people in the worst of conditions? For months and months on end?

No, it seems one only needs a private jet to fly out for some photo ops of the gazillionites giving out their money or the limo transport to the White House for dinner with the Prez.

I’m not knockin these three, but the good Lord said to let our giving be in secret. Of course if I had the resources these guys have I too could compete for a mag cover. Instead, I've decided to conduct my own person~o~the year and bring the vote closer to home with a more realistic candidate. How about an American Patriot who also walked the walk? Someone who doesn't have the high falutin lifestyle of the rich and famous...

If I had it my way, the Hatriolic’s vote for Person of the Year would be Joshua Sterling. He’s the soldier who, injured in combat, received a Get Well Soon ‘hate’ card while at Walter Reed. You can read about it here, and about the sicko twenty something who sent it here, and here (you have to click on the ‘here’ses dummy). One only has to wonder about this hot-aide drinkers parents…

So, here’s to you, Joshua! In my mind, you're the real hero, along with all your brethren in arms. Your only competition for Person of the Year in my mind is the Missionaries, Medical volunteers, and the Iraqi’s themselves who embrace your presence and voted last week.

Last, not every Iraqi “hates us”. Try out this site! (click on site…sigh).