Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Union Worker, the scourge of the Universe…

Ahhhhh, fellow haters. Take for instance professor Don Boudreaux, a Free Market Economist at George Mason University. Recently he was attacked for his nasty Capitalist buttrixing by some kid about Dons website Café Hayek, namely it was a place where tenured US professors lobby ferociously against protecting US jobs.

Sir Don responded, and among other things that caught the ~h's hairy eyeball was the Doctors statement that trade changes the pattern of domestic employment; it doesn't destroy domestic jobs on net". Well said. Meaning let the banks and the auto makers fail and the market will self correct. This opens the door to a discussion of labor, and Unions in particular. While I am sure most labor will dismiss a 'tenured economist professor' they will champion the Unions.

the Hatriolic has long held that Unions were a scourge on the American landscape. A long time ago they had their place, but now…

Where else can you go to work and earn $75,000 a year to screw lug nuts on a new Chevy. I’m sorry, but the pay needs to fit the labor, and in any other industry without Union bully's at the top the pay would be in the $10/hour range. And you better believe those high labor cost are passed on to you, the customer. These ridiculous labor controlled cost are why automobiles cost as much as they do now.

And, isn’t it a coincidence that BHO is bailing the auto makers out?

Let them fail. Let the market self correct. Who knows, would we replace the lost jobs of failed US Auto makers with new, better jobs? Maybe a new more financially sound automaker might rise from the ashes without the Union worker.

Also, as far as "open trade" are we only trading manufacturing jobs with the retail jobs to sell the goods made elsewhere? Same pay...

My point - the government is interfering with self correction and we will prolong our agony. Especially by having the American taxpayer pay the Union workers wages.

... and before I get crucified for downing the union worker (so save your crayon letters) I'll go on record to state 'Bravo Zulu' for the people who took advantage of unions for great Pay & Benefits. But please also check your history: the majority of Union workers do not vote for themselves, meaning they don't generally think for themselves for risk of losing out on their jobs (check the voting rosters for Carter & Clinton). Also don't forget that Carl Marx and Adolf Hitler harnessed the union workers first to fight for 'equality' in their socialist climb to the top.

Last, how much innovation and ambition has been killed by the Unions and Gov't jobs, clearly the biggest employers in the US?