Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ohhh, the War in Iraq. Now I get it!

Do you get it? I get it! Your Hateful servant believes that your average American gets it, but Congress, including the Bush administration, doesn’t think we do.

And what is it, you ask... (you are asking, aren't you?)

Radio Talk Show Host
Glenn Beck railed last week on this subject, stating that our entire federal government is totally out of touch. The average guy working in the auto plants in Detroit, the cashier at a Chicago suburb Wal-Mart, investment brokers in Dallas, the truck drivers, the military men and women, us, we, get it.

What we, comma, the people, comma, get, comma, is, COMMA, we are not winning this war and never intended to. We all hate war. We all understand war sucks.

But we also know that NOBODY in the Middle East will ever be a friend to America. Even if we (in our euphoric fantasy) “give them” Democracy.

People, never forget we are a Nation formed by the people, for the people, in a Judeo-Christian society. This means that the Muslim religion must be interpreted as a false god that is against freedom, and this religion cannot be tolerated. They are anti everything our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence is for. If we ever form our government after Islam all Americans would loose rights real fast. But we continue to be “sensitive” to them, and intolerant of any Judeo-Christian view in the public forum.

Think I’m being un-constitutional? Consider this. I bet Janet Reno would’ve never given the go ahead into Waco the way they did if that had been an Islamic Cult

Yes, the average American gets it. Fight war to win. We shouldn’t be over there nation building. 50 years from now the infrastructure we have spent billions on will be used against us or would’ve been destroyed in a civil war. We are wasting our time and tax dollars.

We should’ve really given them SHOCK AND AWE, and then left.


Yes, I don’t think a whole lot of average Americans would shed too many tears if we just pulled out and used a few tactical nuc’s in the process on some nest of terror. Call it an exclamation point of smoke ;-)

Then threaten to use bigger ones if they hit us again like 9/11.

That would save countless American lives.

And that, my friends, is all any average American really cares about.