Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Port? or Starboard…

Take your pick – Syria and Jordan on the West, …Iran on the East. And us, like the cool stuff in the middle of an Oreo. That’s why the Hatriolic believes that we haven’t been hit since 9/11 with another terrorist attack on the homeland.

In his book
Imperial Hubris author Michael Scheuer states that Sneaky Nasty Islamic Terrorist * (SNIT's – my title) only understand one thing – power. Please understand that these SNITs are not stupid, just crazy . While they reveled in watching Americans die on 9/11, they also understand brute force, especially when used against them.

* And yes, I said Islamic - you would have to be an idiot to not get the point that this is a religious war, not a war over land, or oil, or who invented grape flavored lip gloss.

And herein lies my theory – because they hit us so hard on 9/11, things began falling out of the sky. You know, one way cargo. From high flying invisible aircraft. Lots of one way laser guided cargo. Then the massive invasion force. Afganistan. Iraq. The cowardly scampering Taliban. The destruction of the Iraqi National Guard. Osama hiding out like a cave cricket (he probably looks like one now…). With his fellow SNIT's.

The crux of my theory is these mullahs had to face their own people who are now suffering. Suffering brought on them because of actions by their local planning board.

So, while they play hide and seek with us over there, they won’t hit us because we’ll figure out that someone on the East, West, North, or South side of Iraq funded, harbored, trained or thought it was funny…

And we’ll just simply pull chocks.

There you have it. It’s that simple. We get hit again, and the world’s most powerful military will simply pull chocks and head either Port or Starboard. There would be no “stand up” of forces. We are already there. We would say goodby Iraq and Hello Iran, or How yo ‘Doin Syrians? or Wassup Jordan? You want Global Warming? It’s only a nuclear cruise missile away. All of them can meet Allah all at once. Yes, I believe ol’ Dubya has us parked out there to show them who is really 'Tha Maa-yun'!

On 9/11, our citizens, or freedom, our way of life was attacked by cowards. We will stand down that ENEMY.

I just hope they fill the next howitzer round with pork bellies…