Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why the Hatriolic will never cooperate with the Authorities…

First, sorry for the hiatus. Lots to do, and the hate mail written with Majic Markers about how judgemental the Duke Lacross Players and Natalie article was – come on guys! Your Hateful servant partied hard when he was the same age! There was a point to be made, and the libs missed it. Sometimes yutes can be (in the words of Michael Jackson)

so hurtful…

On with the show; you guys been watching the news? Lets get hypothetical…

IF, (and for ~h that means NEVER) the Hatriolic ever gets accused of a Crime, he will never, ever give up his 5th amendment rights! While THE Hatriolic would never resist arrest, he would never subject himself to the following by any officer of the law (hang with me, there's another point to be made):
1. any search of his house, auto, or any other portable domicile without a warrant
2. any lie detector test
3. any interrogation (can you say “where did I put that ded-gum Lawyer?…”)
4. or any other sundried attempt at self incrimination

Why (says you grasshoppers)?

Because of the latest breaking news (go here for crying out loud!). They now have a suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey case. A sexual predator, who (allegedly, purportedly, reportedly…) admitted to the rape and murder of the girl. This idiot apparently told investigators he did it, revealing facts about the case never released to the public (which I find hard to believe with the tittle-tattler Mayor of Boulder Colorado, Leslie Durgan spewing her unsubstantiated claims)

Listen to me carefully here. If y’all recall, Patsy Ramsey has been the primary suspect right from the beginning. Many documentaries and People Magazine articles have been written telling of rumors that Patsy beat young JonBenet to death over her wetting the bed that fateful night. The leaks in this case were horrible – suspicions that the father found the body when the police couldn’t, the video’s of her in the pageants (leading to open speculation the father – John Ramsey - had a weird sexual obsesion in her …yea, maybe he did it), the ransom note for Johns exact bonus check that Christmas, and the constant pestering by police to get Patsy to submit to a hand writing analysis. All America wanted to see this upper class family get taken out!

Lets get back to the hand writing analysis. The original police detectives and prosecuting attorneys have gone on record that they believed the parents did it. They did so on A&E, Court TV, and Discovery “documentaries”. With all this info, there is no doubt that if Patsy Ramsey had submitted to the hand writing sampling requested by law enforcement, she would have most likely been convicted quickly in a court of law! (remember, the media made much ado about the similarities in the hand writing of the ransom note and Patsy’s hand writing found in the house).

Sadly, Patsy died this June. The last years of her life were hell, and she died knowing most Americans thought she and/or her husband were guilty. It was bad enough to loose her daughter so tragically.

So, I make my case.

There is a 5th amendment for a reason (and if you don’t know it, you’re not really a fan of mine ;-)

That’s all for now,


JonBenet Ramsey - Aug 6, 1990 to Dec 26, 1996
Patricia Ann Ramsey - Dec. 29, 1956 to Jun 25, 2006