Monday, May 22, 2006

Natalee Holloway and the tale of the Duke Lacrosse Players…

Once upon a time, there was a young, innocent 18 year old girl, who, on her high school graduation trip, got abducted, raped, killed, and now no one can find her body…

Once upon a time, the innocent youthful (and cute) Duke Lacrosse team had a get together. During this meeting of team camaraderie and male bonding, a girl of ill repute took dead aim at these rich have’s, and her little “have not” self lied and told the authorities she was kidnapped, raped, and treated with racist disrespect…


The hateful peruser of news has been waiting to hear reports on the immoral drunken reverie that got these "innocent" kids in all this trouble in the first place.

I’m not trying to take away from the grief of the Holloway family nor diminish the fact that the Duke Lacrosse players are innocent until proven guilty.

But one has to wonder, would any of these kids be in dire straits if they were the media darlings they’re made out to be?

That fateful night when the majority of the 2005 Mountain Brook High School graduation class was in their hotel rooms in Aruba packed ready to depart the next morning, news accounts state that Natalee was out drinking and romancing Orum Humersmoot or whatev’ his name is at a BAR all day! She was 18 folks! - underage! And she was laying down on the bar letting boys lick jello shots of liquor off her half naked body that day Look Here, and the FBI has reports of her drug possession/use.
Arubas drinking age is 18, but for chaperones to allow highschool seniors to drink like this is irresponsible! I don't know about you folks, but if the Hatriolic was out getting drunk and jello licked all day he would've gotten his butt tore up by his Momma! and you can guar-ron-tee she would've found out!

She was discovered missing THE NEXT MORNING! Apparently there was no room check by the chaperones the night before. NO ROOM CHECK! Even collegiate football and basketball teams (and some NFL/NBA teams) get room checks the night before an away game by their coaches. These were high school seniors. Was there any accountability for the chaperones?
Switch to the recent events at Duke University. If the Lacrosse Peeps were snug like bugs in their beds at midnight that weekend night instead of taking up a tithe collection to hire said girl to come over and take her britches off, they would’ve finished their season with finess.

These are not little boys getting persecuted, these are voting age adults. ALL OF THEM. No, in their educated wisdom they HIRED A STRIPPER at midnight, when the party should’ve been winding down. What kind of girl did they think they would get at midnight? A good honest entertainer? A show girl off “off broadway”? do they have that in Nawth Kakalaky?
News accounts she is a single mother working her way through college blah blah blah - oh PUKE!!! SHE WAS A STRIPPER!!! - again for clarification in case you missed it the first time. Her criminal record is public – she is a dishonest convicted felon, and admitted having sex with three other people that day... Look here too Invite this kind of person over for "ambiance", and aren't you just surprised at the outcome of this party?

The ~h isn’t trying to say Natalee or the Duke boys deserve to either be murdered or wrongfully accused of rape. I hope they find out the truth at that party and also find/prosecute the murderer of Natalee (if that's what happened).

But the hateful servant is sick and tired of America’s obsession with these cases. If these kids were behaving as they should they would never have exposed themselves to these dire consequences and that is the point. Parents tell their teenagers and college aged kids to avoid this kind of behavior for good cause. No, not every kid who drinks a beer will get in this kind of trouble, but you have to admit, these kids were "cruisin 4 a bruisin".

And no one seems to report that.