Sunday, February 25, 2007

Soldiers at Walter Reed Deserve Better

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Thursday , February 22, 2007

(originally posted by Col. David Hunt at Fox News)

Stop right now. Stop watching Anna Nicole Smith's death; stop watching lawyers yell about nothing. Pay attention, because this next one is important. No more politics, no more hiding behind empty phrases and photo opportunities and nine-second sound bites.

Wounded — and by wounded, I mean missing arms, legs, eyes, heads caved in, all wounds that will be visible for the rest of their lives — soldiers have been left to sleep in rooms with mice and mildew, substandard in every respect, at Walter Reed Medical Center. Just so we are clear — this is happening in Washington D.C., less than ten miles from the White House. This is happening to soldiers who were blown apart in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Politicians and generals of every ilk have been visiting our great soldiers at Walter Reed during this war and making all these grand statements about caring, love, sacrifice and — my favorite — the best medical care money can buy. Well, apparently that pays for rats and lousy treatment.

As bad as these living conditions are, and they are bad, the amount of crap that a wounded soldier and his family have to go through to continue to get the treatment they have earned is staggering.

Soldiers from all our wars have served and been forgotten, and because of the type of men and women they are, they seldom complain; but they damn well should. Have you ever wondered what would happen if more senior officers like generals or (God forbid) politicians or a secretary of defense were forced to spend their days in rooms such as they ones discovered by the press, or treated like second class citizens as so many wounded young men and women are? Well, wonder no more. If that were the case, the problem would have been fixed already.

If we’re going to send soldiers off to fight for us and be blown apart for us, then we owe them the best medical care we can afford for the rest of their lives, period. We’re spending $2 billion a week in Iraq — in Iraq, not at Walter Reed Medical Center — that ought to upset you. The Army just upgraded one of its burn centers in Texas. You know how? With donations from private citizens, that's how. But we’re spending $2 billion in Iraq — are you getting my point here?

I remember not too long ago we impeached a President for lying about SEX. Gee whiz, that was serious! Now we have soldiers with their bodies torn apart, limbs blown off, gallons of blood spilled in the sand, and they wind up in room with mice, rats, and mildew. And, when they leave those hellish accommodations, they enter the ether zone of a military and veterans care system that lets them down every day. That seems to me to be a bit more serious than lying about sex, but that’s just me.

Sure, the rooms will be painted, committees will be formed, speeches will be made, and not a damn thing will change. Soldiers will still have to fight massive bureaucratic battles to get the medical treatment their brave hearts and missing limbs have already paid for.

In this new war, this World War III, this War on Terror, we can no longer sit still and allow this to happen. We have great private citizens spending their money to help soldiers with medical issues that our government is totally responsible for providing, but still is not. So private citizens are not only giving soldiers the gear they need to fight this war — everything from body armor to parts for helicopters — they are now helping mend and care for those same soldiers, because the government cannot or will not. Come on; get angry! Rant and throw things; this really is worth turning away from blondes and lawyers on TV.

On February 21, when asked at a press conference if anyone was being fired for this mess, the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army said, “No.” Well, “no” means that this travesty is guaranteed to happen again and again. We cannot win wars by treating our soldiers like this, and we might deserve to lose if you — yeah, you reading this — do not care enough to do something.We are a great nation, but we are diminished by this. We are no better than how we treat our nation’s bravest.

Right now, we suck!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ohhh, the War in Iraq. Now I get it!

Do you get it? I get it! Your Hateful servant believes that your average American gets it, but Congress, including the Bush administration, doesn’t think we do.

And what is it, you ask... (you are asking, aren't you?)

Radio Talk Show Host
Glenn Beck railed last week on this subject, stating that our entire federal government is totally out of touch. The average guy working in the auto plants in Detroit, the cashier at a Chicago suburb Wal-Mart, investment brokers in Dallas, the truck drivers, the military men and women, us, we, get it.

What we, comma, the people, comma, get, comma, is, COMMA, we are not winning this war and never intended to. We all hate war. We all understand war sucks.

But we also know that NOBODY in the Middle East will ever be a friend to America. Even if we (in our euphoric fantasy) “give them” Democracy.

People, never forget we are a Nation formed by the people, for the people, in a Judeo-Christian society. This means that the Muslim religion must be interpreted as a false god that is against freedom, and this religion cannot be tolerated. They are anti everything our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence is for. If we ever form our government after Islam all Americans would loose rights real fast. But we continue to be “sensitive” to them, and intolerant of any Judeo-Christian view in the public forum.

Think I’m being un-constitutional? Consider this. I bet Janet Reno would’ve never given the go ahead into Waco the way they did if that had been an Islamic Cult

Yes, the average American gets it. Fight war to win. We shouldn’t be over there nation building. 50 years from now the infrastructure we have spent billions on will be used against us or would’ve been destroyed in a civil war. We are wasting our time and tax dollars.

We should’ve really given them SHOCK AND AWE, and then left.


Yes, I don’t think a whole lot of average Americans would shed too many tears if we just pulled out and used a few tactical nuc’s in the process on some nest of terror. Call it an exclamation point of smoke ;-)

Then threaten to use bigger ones if they hit us again like 9/11.

That would save countless American lives.

And that, my friends, is all any average American really cares about.



Hello, and welcome to 1984…

The Hatriolic is not a conspiracy theorist. But he finds the following headlines interesting in regards to Hoover’s 1950 suspicions that Communist are taking over our country:




Governor Plans To Fire Oregon Climatologist for Skeptical View of Warming...

Sooo, what does ~h make of this? Vell, you vust go with the liberal flow, or velse…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ms. Bush Pelosi is DEMANDING Presidential level treatment for transportation. Call it PELOSI ONE. She claims she needs higher than normal protection for her flights back to her district, which happens to be San Fran ;-). The Bush Administration has so far denied her request, so her peeps are retaliating with leaky opinions about sexist policies.

Other of her people-ses are hailing this as a triumph for the Weymen-ses of America.

My friends, this has nothing to do with Women’s Lib and nothing to do with security.


Contrast this request for a big jumbo jet consuming millions of dollars of global warming fuel a year against her normal stance of eco-worship. And this is an unprecedented request ever from a Speaker of the House.

You’d think that she would be against using such an aircraft, but, alas, like the USSR, she takes the stance that only the well performing members of the “Party” are rewarded with perks.

Yet she hates corporate America with their golden parachutes and lavish lifestyles. She is a redistribution of wealth warrior. Your money is not really your money, it’s the peoples money.

No, this is all about making a statement, its about blatant abuse of power, its about in your face Democrats Gone Wild.

And sources in the Pentagon say she will most likely get it, despite the Bush Administrations' objections. Seems Nancy and Jack Murtha control the purse strings for DOD

If a republican ever had the gall to ask for such perks then bribe the pentagon they would’ve been crucified in the press and congress.

But… since she is a women, you know, she gets yet another free pass.

Don’t-ja just luv Amerika?

Mr. Ach doesn’t really have much to say about this anymore…