Thursday, December 29, 2005

It was all that I could do to keep from cryin'

Sometimes it seems so useless to remain...
You don't have to call me darlin', darlin'
You never even call me by my name…
(David Allen Coe)

ABC News has selected the United States Coast Guard as Persons of the Year.

Well… its about Ded-Gum time! After over 200 years the Coast Guard finally gets some recognition. Sources close to the Hatriolic say the above song has long been the unofficial CG anthem (second to Semper Paratus).

For the longest time the Coast Guard has been an unknown quantity. Most Americans know them only from the orange helicopter they saw on Baywatch. Maybe now Coast Guard men and women will stop hearing statements such as the Coast Guard has ships?, or aren’t you guys the reserve ‘guard’ component of the Navy? or better yet what DO you guys really do?

Yes, they be Rescuers. But they are more than that. They are a force of around 80,000 total people consisting of about 38,000 Active Duty personnel, 8,000 Reservist, 7,000 Civilians, and another 30,000 Auxiliaries. They have 200 plus aircraft and 4,900 boats. They have over 25 different classes of Cutter’s (65’ up to 400’) with between 2 to 12 vessels per class, one 295’ sailing vessel, over 200 CG aircraft (yes, they even have jets…), and over 1400 small boats. Their missions vary from Port Security to Search and Rescue to Maritime Waterway Protection (Oil Spills and Shipping Regulation enforcement) to Law Enforcement (yes… they still hunt drug smugglers) to Aids to Navigation (Buoys etc) to … well you get the picture (more at this link).

And yes, the Coast Guard was there in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina. Many were deployed there from other commands on September 1st, and stayed through all the madness until the Coast Guard rescued well over 33,000 people. That’s right folks, thirty three thousand ‘peeps. In two weeks!

It's also noteworthy that the junior most Enlisted and Officer crews bore the brunt of this massive effort. Those were not Captains, Admirals, or Chiefs out there in those helicopters and boats – they were the youngest the Coast Guard had to offer (like 18 – late 20’s). Many of these crews operated independently without specific task direction in the riskiest of situations and the most arduous of circumstances. I feel we owe these folks our most heartfelt thanks.

So BZ Coast Guard! Thank you ABC for remembering the Coast Guard! Time Mag should be jealous.


Monday, December 19, 2005

The real "Person of the Year"

Gag! What does one have to do to get on that ded-gum magazine cover? It’s obvious – be a Rock Star or Gazillionaire! Fight or donate lots of moola for all sorts of sundry diseases and plights. Commendable!

But while we embrace this famous trio, sending them "e-props" ;-) lets ask - what about the people who worked tirelessly day in and day out with poor and destitute people around the globe - you know, missionaries and volunteers who actually walked in the trenches to help the self same people who were the benefactors of these POTY's money and publicity? What about the those who ministered to dying patients in these sponsored hospitals? To the families, especially their children who are orphaned due to disease or war? What about the volunteers who have tirelessly offered help to people in the worst of conditions? For months and months on end?

No, it seems one only needs a private jet to fly out for some photo ops of the gazillionites giving out their money or the limo transport to the White House for dinner with the Prez.

I’m not knockin these three, but the good Lord said to let our giving be in secret. Of course if I had the resources these guys have I too could compete for a mag cover. Instead, I've decided to conduct my own person~o~the year and bring the vote closer to home with a more realistic candidate. How about an American Patriot who also walked the walk? Someone who doesn't have the high falutin lifestyle of the rich and famous...

If I had it my way, the Hatriolic’s vote for Person of the Year would be Joshua Sterling. He’s the soldier who, injured in combat, received a Get Well Soon ‘hate’ card while at Walter Reed. You can read about it here, and about the sicko twenty something who sent it here, and here (you have to click on the ‘here’ses dummy). One only has to wonder about this hot-aide drinkers parents…

So, here’s to you, Joshua! In my mind, you're the real hero, along with all your brethren in arms. Your only competition for Person of the Year in my mind is the Missionaries, Medical volunteers, and the Iraqi’s themselves who embrace your presence and voted last week.

Last, not every Iraqi “hates us”. Try out this site! (click on site…sigh).


Monday, December 12, 2005

While he’s dancing with her, his mind is on… him…

Boo hoo. Brokeback Mountain is a movie about a couple of early 60’s metrosexual cowboys who go, well, never mind. When they get back to civilization the drama becomes tenuous as the gay luvers root around with the wemyns and just can't get that Old Spice® off their minds... (ooo-ooh that smell…the smella dat’s around you… Lynyrd Skynyrd ;-) What’s even more sickening is the fact that this movie was the top grossing (and grotesque’ing) movie of the week. Come on America. Why did y’all go see this movie? Did’ja just have to look? And once you’ve ‘seen it, its too late. You already done seen da man luv. And they just had to be herding sheep. SHEEP people!

Like Bugs Bunny said, “it is to vomit”.

This is obviously the forbearer of things to come. Homosexuality has finally arrived full bore and in your face. Here’s what the so called progressive thinkers are saying on their blogs:

Homophobes, before you post Jesus asks: have you helped the poor today?

The Movie's About Love!

Is sexual preference the same thing as sexual orientation?

Which are You Like: Ennis or Jack??

Gag. Are we so stupid to treat a subject such as this so tritely?

Yes. Just look at all the accolades. The hollywood’ites are falling all over themselves about this groundbreaking movie. From the same idiots who want Tookie the man slayer to be spared, cause he so good now…

John Wayne would roll over in his grave if he knew what hollywood was doing now. I also think they staged this in 1963 to make it look like homosexuality was rampant and out of control. I don't believe that. But the more they rewrite history the better for them.

I have to go now; I'm still hung up on whether I'm more like Ennis or Jack.


~ the hateful ‘olic

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


My sentiments exactly...
Okay, your hateful friend stole an idea from... we'll just say his name rhymes with el-Rushbo...
The idea is – let’s avoid all this aggravation - drop what were doing and just give poor old Saddam his title and country back. As a matter of fact, let’s not just let him loose; let’s set him up for success. After all, he didn’t do anything to us. I mean, come on, maybe he had some bad guys training in terrorist camps, but there was never any evidence that Uncle Sadd had any connection with 9/11. And his potential weapons of mass destruction, well they really didn’t exist. Now we know that. The whole thing was done just because baby Bushka was mad at ol Huss for beating daddy. This was a vendetta all along! So now, we put him back in power, give him his own Secret Service replete with armored SUV’s and even a plane – call it HAIRFORCE ONE (for Hussein Air Force). We can have Mumia be his Defense Minister.

We can also give him some repatriation money and reinstate the Oil for Food Program.

We can host a whole bunch of Iraqi Royal Guard dependants here in the U.S. in our best colleges – heck the Professors will embrace them with open arms. What a great exchange student year we will have!

Don’t forget Welfare Checks and …WIK. Gotta give those baby al-Qaeda'ites their milk and cheese. Don't want them to spread themselves too thin on the next suicide bombing.

Come on America – sing it! "Lets get together and feeeel allll right!"

Free Saddam! Free Mumia! Freeda!
Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeedommmm!!! (Mel Gibson, last scene in Braveheart).
I'm outacontrol.